Tips to Create a Facebook Page for Your Business

07 July 2017 0 comments

Socials Panel is a leading firm in the field of social media marketing, which offers many services for your business such as “buy Facebook followers”, “buy Facebook page likes”, “buy Facebook photo likes”, “buy Facebook reactions”, “buy Facebook post likes”, etc… The Facebook pages are increasingly popular. Free, they allow you to share your news, services, products, specials, events, photos and videos with the Facebook community which in October 2016 registered 1,180,000,000 active users per day. In this article, I give advice on how to create an attractive Facebook page.

What is a Facebook page?

A Facebook Page is a Facebook tool that allows Businesses, Professionals and Organizations to share content online with. Adepts do not need to be “friend” with Page = they just need to click “Like” on the Page and they automatically become adept at Page. The Pages are accessible to all Facebook users unless you restrict access to Page Administrators, or target our publications by age, location or language.
Note that until April 19, 2010, the pages were Fan Pages and became a fan of the page by clicking “Become a fan”. Now we “like” a Facebook page and become “fan”.

Create an Official Facebook Page for Your Business – When creating a Facebook page for our company, we have two options: create an Official Page and a Page Cause or Community. Choose which one applies to your Page since Facebook has already closed pages that did not opt for the right option or that the administrator did not have the right to publish it. And if you create a Community page, Facebook can deliver this page to the community and remove your administrator rights.

The Official Pages are for Companies, Brands, Products, Organizations, Artists, Groups or Personalities. You must absolutely have the rights to publish this page on behalf of the authority. You can create any Facebook page since Facebook does not scrutinize the legitimacy of the page when it is created. But if Facebook ever determines that you are not authorized to publish this page or if someone reports your Facebook page, Facebook may close the page without giving you any feedback or asking you to authenticate it. Ouch!

My advice: If you are a Company, a Professional or an Organization, creates an Official Page. Do not waste your time creating Facebook Official Pages if you do not have the rights to publish it on behalf of the Company, the Professional or the Organization.

Create your Facebook Page with a Personal Account – Before 2012, when we created a Facebook page, we had the choice of creating this page with our Personal Account or without an account which actually became a Business Account. This is no longer possible. It takes a personal account to create a page. It is important to create a Facebook Page with a Personal Account. I worked with several clients who created an Official Page with a Corporate Account. The big problem in this case is that it is impossible to add some applications to the page and you will not be able to browse Facebook. You will not be able to invite your friends to love your Page or advertise.

Create the Facebook Page with a Personal Account – Note that if you convert your Personal Account to Facebook Page, the Facebook Page will be the only one – without a Personal Account to manage it. If you have 5,000 friends in your Personal Account and wish to convert this Account to a Facebook Page with 5,000 I like (followers). Yes, it is a good option, but realize that you will lose all your content and photos and that you will no longer have friends. If you opt for this conversion, please do a lot of research in Google on “How to convert a personal account to Facebook page “to know all options.

So here = you have two options:

• Create the Facebook Page with your current Personal Account; or

• Create a new Personal Account for your Company and create your Facebook Page with this new Personal Account. Note that this new Corporate Account must be associated with the name of a PERSON, not the name of your Company.

Which I prefer? It depends.

I prefer option 1 if you are going to be the Main Administrator of the page and if you want to link your Facebook page to your Personal Account. You can completely separate the 2 accounts and all the actions performed on the Company’s Facebook page will not appear in your Personal Account. It’s as if we were 2 different entities in Facebook. When working with Page, nothing is published in our Account and nothing is associated with our Account. All publications are made in the name of the Page – completely separate from your Personal Account.
I prefer option 2 when the Facebook page is for a company and the company wants to keep control over its web presence. If a Company asks the employee X to create the page, and the employee X leaves the job in this Company, it will be necessary to find other administrators. In this case, I suggest to the Company to create a Personal Account for the Company with a name of any person (not the name of the Company). This Personal Account will not appear on your Facebook page. If you opt for this option, be sure to add a 2nd Admin since Facebook could remove the main Admin since the account is actually a “fake account”.

Note that there are many restrictions on the name of the Personal Account. You cannot use “Group, Product, Service, Pizza, Online, and Company …” in the name of a Personal Account. A name and a first name must be used with at least 3 characters.

Choose the name of the Facebook page with caution – Last update: December 30, 2010 – Since the end of October 2010, Facebook now allows you to change the name of your Company page if you have fewer than 200 followers. However, you are limited in the number of times you can change the name of the page. So, choose the name of your page as soon as you have 200 followers, you will not be able to change it. I regularly meet clients who have Facebook pages with bad names and sometimes very bad names … But when you have 6,000 followers, it’s hard to change your name.
Updated: August 16, 2016 – Facebook now allows you to apply for the name change. The application will be evaluated and it may take up to 3 days to get an answer.

Common Mistakes to Avoid in Page Names – If the name of your company is Socials Panel – name your FB page with uppercase, accents and spaces. Do not name it Socialspanel. Make sure you type well because after 200 likes – you may have to live with your mistakes or start over from scratch.

Add INC in the name of the Page… Not Really? Do not name your page Socials Panel Inc. No one uses .inc on the Web. That is pretentious, in my opinion.

The name of the Page in upper case SOCIALS PANEL (unless it is part of your Web identity or Logo).
Note that you can merge 2 pages into Facebook. So in this case I have already recommended a client to create a new page with the right name, keep the old page, and combine the 2 pages at the same time as the number of likes in the new page Exceeds the number likes in the page with the wrong name. So, if the original page had 500 likes, the new page has 501 likes – we combine the original page with the new page and we end up with the well named page with 1001 likes (less duplicates obviously).

Facebook does not publish its rejected names policy but will tell you if the name is available or name.
Prepare your page privately before publishing – I sometimes get invitations to like Facebook Pages that have no or almost no content and are not ready for publication.

When you create a Facebook page, you can opt to make the page visible to everyone or to hide it from everyone. Do not make your public page from the beginning. Facebook Pages are indexed by Google – you do not want someone to arrive on your page before it is ready for publication. From the beginning, put it in private mode. You can go from private to public at any time without affecting your likes or your content. It is a good tool to know.
My tip: First create your Facebook page privately. Add some content. Add photos, videos. Make sure all information is relevant and correct. Ask your friends to check your page. When you are ready, publish it and invite your friends.

Create a custom web address – My personalized web address is: topseoguide

Since June 2009, Facebook allows the creation of a web address for your Personal Account and your Facebook page.
So instead of seeing the very long default URL for your page that looks like this: , you might have

This procedure is very simple: Log on to Facebook, go here: and follow the procedure. A web address can only contain AZ, az, 0-9, and (.) characters. They cannot contain accents, spaces, or special characters.

Why do I need to change my username? It’s more professional, it’s easier to write and it secures your name on Facebook.

Invite your friends – It is high time to invite all your friends to click like on your Facebook Page. On all Facebook Pages – there is an “Invite friends” option. Click on this link and invite your friends. Ask your friends to invite their friends.

My advice: Yes, invite your friends but not every week or even every month. I really do not like people who constantly invite me to become followers of their page. For my part, I make an invitation every 6 months. No more.

Publish quality content – It is the most important. Without relevant content – your page will not be very alive. For content, you can post photos, videos, links, and text. Be creative, original and showcase your Company, Service or Organization. Good luck!

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