How the purchase of likes does help to your Facebook page?

22 September 2017 0 comments

Facebook is a great marketing tool for all types of creation. Most artists, writers, actors and small businesses that have added value have their own “subscriber page” or “business page” on Facebook, each with thousands of appreciations. Facebook allows you to post photos, share updates and connect personally with your fans. The benefits of opening a Facebook page are obvious. However, what happens when you start and your page counts less than 100 likes? The answer is that you simply need to buy Facebook likes. This method increases the number of likes, but also brings many benefits.

The purchase of Facebook likes gives legitimacy

Buying Facebook page likes seems to be the easiest way to legitimate instantly? Indeed, it is really difficult to trust a product or a service that has only 40 likes. When you just opened your Facebook page, getting the first 100 likes is extremely difficult and in some cases almost impossible. A real fan base takes time to build and if you do not have time, Facebook ads can be a convenient shortcut. But to create this community, you will need to make Facebook ads. For it to be effective and your product or service seems legitimate, you will need between 400 and 500 likes, which you obviously have to buy.

The purchase of likes Facebook brings new fans

Through the purchase of Facebook like, you can attract new real fans. Of course, many internet surfers who love your page from a Facebook ad will not even be interested. It is therefore important that potential fans go directly to your Facebook page and like the page.

What are the real consequences of buying Facebook likes for businesses?

Let’s take a moment to admit that some companies improve their likes Facebook by buying them. One of the reasons why businesses with a Facebook presence buy likes is that they want to present themselves as a trusted company providing high quality services and products to many people. This is especially true if they want to position themselves in relation to a competitor already well established. So what are the real consequences of buying Facebook likes?

The purchase of Facebook likes produces an affinity expression

A like is an expression of occasional affinity. It indicates that the visitor of the page is interested in your business and wants to hear from you. It’s like someone waiting to receive updates via email. This can lead to building more personal relationships with clients and a greater degree of engagement with them. Additionally, according to FB, people who click on Like button are more active, more engaged and more connected than the average user. Facebook says the average liker has 2.4 times more friends than an average user, and he or she is also more likely to explore the content they discover on Facebook.

Buying Facebook Likes as a Powerful Marketing Tool

Once people like your page, they are added to your fan base. Using the e-mail feature in the page administration, you can send broadcast-style emails to all your fans or target them based on age, gender, and location. While this strategy should not be overused, sending out casual mail is another way to stay in good shape with customers. It is thanks to the purchase of likes on Facebook that you will be entitled to all this information.

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