How to properly reference your YouTube videos

16 August 2017 0 comments

YouTube is the 2nd most visited website in the world and the leader in video hosting. Proper referencing of your video to gain visibility is important. Like Google, YouTube uses algorithms that reference more or less a video. There are a few tricks to be seen on YouTube: we will give you advice.

What do you need to do to get more YouTube views?

Up your YouTube channel and its videos in top search (page 1), ask for time and follow these 3 specific categories:

1. Factor number 1, of course, is the number of views. The more your video has views, the more it will be seen in the future! For example, users are more naturally attracted to video at 50,000 views rather than at 500…YouTube is a machine. It sees a video that is much watched so it will well reference it, it makes sense. For example, if your “viewers” are Indian, it’s even better! YouTube will notice that those are Indian views, and your video will be better viewed in India. Note that the length of time your viewers watch video is also very important! This improves the importance of the view. If you have an Indian subscriber who is watching your entire video; it’s a better view for YouTube! Buy YouTube views or Buy YouTube subscribers with great retention (about 80-90% of the video watched) lets you start with a considerable lead.

2. 2nd criterion, the key words. First of all you need to put yourself in the place of your target. What is she looking for? What words would the person type on the search engine to find what it needs?

Do not overlook the name of your file! YouTube inspects everything in every detail. If your video is about the Call of Duty series, rename your file “multiplayer gameplay cod.mp4” rather than “final video version 6.mp4”. Then, choose a title related to your creation of course (do not put “name only” to reach more people …). A title like “Gameplay call of duty” is too commonplace and hyper used. Choose a long and focused title: “Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Gameplay Multiplayer”.

Let’s move on to the description. The description of your video must be clear and short, it must give envy. This is the third thing a person will see after the title and the miniature. If your title is this “makeup for summer”, go to a description with other keywords: “Today I present a make-up tutorial to prepare the holidays. Do not hesitate to post one Comment to give me your opinion! ”

The description is brief, contains a few key words and prompts the viewers to interact on your content which can then cause debates in the comments to better reference your video.

Finally, do not forget to put your website, social networking links at the end of the description on each video. (There is a function that allows you to do it automatically on the next videos. Go to “creator studio”, “chain” and “Default settings of the videos uploaded” to activate the option)

* NOT TO DO * It is useless to put at the end of your video all the words that have a relation (and even less those which have no relation …) because it is very badly seen by the subsidiary of Google! And also, there is no interest to multiply the same keywords 4-5 times.

3. 3rd and last criterion: interaction. YouTube takes into account the popularity of the chain so the number of subscribers but also the ratio like / dislike and especially comments! Since the comments can also contain key words left by your visitors…Our Service to buy YouTube Likes can increase your interactions. This also allows for greater credibility on your content.
I hope these tips will help you expand your community. 2 last things: be original and smarter than your competitors… In addition, we also offer services to buy Facebook photo likes, buy Facebook Page likes, buy Facebook post likes, etc… Contact us for the online success of your business…

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