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Increasing the volume of fans of its Facebook page remains a goal sought by many administrators who persist in experiencing all the strategies that exist. To do this, they operate a variety of tracks. Specifically, they are suitable for Facebook friends, carry out advertising exchanges via other pages and join the Facebook page to their blog. There are also other effective methods to get more fans.

Diversify publications

Regularity remains the key to success, whether on your blog or social networks. Try to publish daily by diversifying patterns of posts, whether with or without picture, and with various hash tags. Many sites publish many times a day. Feel free to experiment with this method on your page since all pages do not. If you apply it, stagger your posts by at least 2 or 3 hours. Likewise, photos stimulate more than texts. Depending on your field of activity, opt to promote individuals or visuals that captivate attention and that stand out with Facebook’s default colors. You can also create albums by clicking to encourage more sharing. To modulate the pleasures and occasionally arouse the curiosity of your fans so that they make the sharing of your page, do not hesitate to send videos as well as assemblies Vine.

Specialized sites

Among the methods designed to have more fans, one also distinguishes the sites specialized in the increase of the volume of fans. The principle is elementary. Indeed, minting a certain amount, it is possible to buy Facebook likes here and see the number of fans of your page will increase just days after you have passed your fan order.

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