How to increase Facebook fans: 15 things to do

12 June 2017 0 comments

Facebook is a market with huge business potential. Having success of Facebook campaign with many fans, which interact with each other is essential if you want to create an identity on the web. Below you will find many tips to put into practice to get more fans and likes to your Facebook profile and pages.


1. Use Shout for, a common tactic used to Instagram pages, but it works very effectively for content related to Facebook. How does this tactic? Simple two pages they agree to be mentioned each other with the specific goal of increasing their fans. In practice, a public account on a post. In the post description adds a mention that encourages fans to visit a different platform of social media.

2. Promote your Facebook page and profile on other accounts. Tools like Crowdfire allow you to enable a direct message. In the direct message, you can enter something like “If you like my profile Twitter follow me on Facebook!”

3. Buy Facebook Followers or buy Facebook Page likes. Even with a small budget you can achieve good results. A tip: Before you buy a web service from an agency make sure you indent Fans of real and aware. You can use our social media services; contact us for more details…

4. Comment and share the Facebook pages of the circle of the area businesses. The administrators of the page will eventually recognize your name and put to like your Facebook page over time.

5. The competitions are still a great way to get more likes for your Facebook page. You can also use your e-mail list to promote content and participation in the competition only people who put like your page.

6. Entrust the management of Facebook pages. If you do not have time and opportunity to keep up with your Facebook page you can commission this task to a specialized web agency. The Facebook pages management service provides a natural increase in likes and interactions of your page Facebook through an effective marketing campaign.

7. Offer discounts on your Facebook page. If the discount is enticing a customer will like his Facebook page to receive your discount.

8. Using built-in tools of Facebook Insights to identify which types of post work and which do not. Some parameters to examine the degree of success of the post on your Facebook page sharing, interaction, and achievement. The citations tend to work better for the interaction and are an excellent starting point.

9. Posting content on a specific measure of the Facebook audience that customers want. A simple way is to ask questions on your home page. You can ask a simple question such as “what should we post on our Facebook page?”

10. Share more interesting posts of other pages on your page. This way your Facebook page will be able to offer tremendous value to the public on Facebook. The users will see you as a source of relevant content, a resource that solves their many needs and problems.

11. Comment on the blog not only helps with SEO ranking, but also with the increase of the scope of your Facebook fan page. When you are commenting on a blog, be sure to include your Facebook URL. If people find your comments interesting, they are more likely to like your Facebook page!

12. Joining other Facebook groups and actively interacts with like-minded individuals like you who are in your space. You will find automatically the owners of other Facebook groups that can put to like your page.

13. Start a Facebook group for your niche. Although there are many groups that already exist, most do not have the level of interaction that creates a real community.

14. Insert a link to your Facebook page at the end of your at the bottom of the e-mail signature. Many people who read the emails can click the link and go to your page as well.

15. Ask your LinkedIn contacts like to put to your page. Because LinkedIn is a very effective B2B will give you the chance to get more Likes.

In my opinion, at the starting phase of your business you should use buying Facebook fans services and later use other techniques to increase your Facebook Fans…

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