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24 April 2017 0 comments

Do you also know these messages in your Facebook account? “Please like my Facebook fan page!” This is a really clumsy attempt to click “Like”. So what do you think will happen? Liken or place the person on your personal spam list? If you do not know the person personally, then it is clear that you ignore the message and the person comes to your spam list. The question is, how you can increase you fan base on Facebook? We have a solution! You can buy Facebook Page Likes or buy Facebook followers</strong> and many more from us…

Why should you buy Facebook likes or buy FB Followers?

It’s about more than just “Likes” or “Follow” – but mainly by reach: With a new fanpage or business profile it usually takes a long time to win fans and reach. We help you win new fans for your fanpage, profile, websites, photos, etc. and keep them in the long term.

“Likes” or “Follow” data contribute significantly to the decision-making process of the potential buyer or interested parties. It can be crucial whether a consumer purchases or consults their goods or service that you offer.

For example, suppose the customer has the choice to buy in 2 different internet shops. He wants to buy a product X, which is available at both shops. All conditions like shipping, selection and service are similar in both shops: Both officers are excellent. The only difference is the distribution in social networks. Shop A has a Facebook page with 2470 fans and shop B only 76. Which of the two dealers would you order as a customer now?

Why you should invest for >buying Facebook Likes or buying Facebook followers?

The basis for a presence in the social network Facebook is listeners (fans). All successful companies have recognized the Internet and especially Facebook as an opportunity to reach more people. The benefit of applying your company or your product to Facebook is in no way opposed to the effort.

You create value for yourself and the users of your site. First, the potential customers will find your site via Facebook and thus generate traffic. This will have a significant impact on your sales, because you will not only increase the number of counters on Facebook but also your visitor numbers.

For example, a Facebook user clicks “Like” for your service. The counter is increased by one and your website is listed on the fans’ wall. If this user has 70 friends, you can reach 100-130 people within a very short time (depending on the user’s visibility settings). And with just one click! Depending on the package, you can increase the number of people you reach.

Why you should buy from SocialsPanel?

• Our guarantee: We guarantee to keep the Likes we have mediated for at least 12 weeks and ensure the authenticity of our users.

• Finding target groups: You can filter your target groups by countries. So you will find the people who are most interested in your service.

• Regional fans: You can buy regional fans!

• Set Intervals: Set how many Likes you want. This gives you a steady increase in Likes over a certain period of time.

• Delivery time: From payment receipt, eg 100 Likes only ~ 24 hours…
So what are you waiting for? Place your order quickly…

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