6 Tips to keep engage Your Fans on Facebook

08 October 2017 0 comments

Gathering and retaining the maximum number of fans for a Facebook page/profile is not a scientifically strict process. Indeed, the fact that it depends on the subjectivity of Internet users, the methodology to be followed is not uniform. It changes according to different parameters, among which there is the culture, the geographical zone, the centers of interests of the fans concerned. You can use our services to buy Facebook Followers, buy Facebook prost likes, buy Facebook Photo likes, buy Facebook Page likes and many other quality services for your business.

Despite this, certain techniques remain immutable since they undeniably offer an increase in the audience of your publications, as well as the commitment of Internet users that will materialize by a return in the form of likes.

In all cases, the basic principle is: “Engage with your fans so that they engage with you!”

1. More Integrating the Human Side – Whatever the objective and the theme of your Facebook page/profile, we must highlight the human aspect. Indeed, your fans are above all individuals like you. They are therefore subject to the requirements of everyday life, like you. By sharing personal experiences, linked or not to the theme of your page, you will be able to create an impulse of sympathy from them.

A very intelligent and effective way to give an important part to the human aspect is to highlight your employees, partners or customers. This can be done from written testimonials, photos and videos that convey emotions, as well as the values you defend. Make it a point of honor to seek originality and spontaneity in your various publications.

To reveal a dynamic and an evolution, it is necessary to find an ideal rhythm of publication and change of these contents with high human value.

It is therefore necessary to know how to integrate the human aspect into your communication strategy, but it does not take precedence over the real purpose of your page. In the event that it is a human issue that is the focus of your Facebook page, this rule is acquired facts.

2. Be always present for your fans – Whatever the subject of your Facebook page/profile, it is imperative that your fans feel your commitment to them. They have to be sure they can count on you. To do this, you must cultivate and establish a real presence of your part on your page, as well as on other social networks.

In addition to frequent posting of content, care must be taken to respond in a timely and meaningful manner to the various concerns and / or comments of both your fans and your guests on your page. Moreover, a lot of brand use their Facebook pages as a support-client tool.

You can even go beyond the Facebook platform by continuing your support in e-mail conversations, on other networks, forums and blogs, but also by using a tool dedicated to the management of a customer service.

3. Use images that are continually updated – Different studies on the rate of conversion of the different contents on Facebook, place in the first position the images with a ratio of 80%, followed by the videos. When these videos are continuously updated, the conversion rate goes up to 120¨%.

Therefore, it is necessary to set up a policy of frequent updating of images of your Facebook pages. Frequency should not be based solely on a period, but should incorporate the notion of opportunity. In other words, it is a matter of placing the image that it needs according to the moment (event, season, etc.).

4. Use games and contests – Games and contests are a great way to build loyalty and reward fans on Facebook. Depending on the objectives sought, the type of game or contest to be set up will be chosen, but also the possible rewards to be offered. If possible, try to set up a programming of these games and contests. Also, it may be wise to create a logical sequel between contests and games, so as to keep fans interested.

5. Set up a program for your publications – A lot of information flows on Facebook, and even your page may not escape this information if you have enough fans. It is therefore important to publish according to a continuous process, content updated or not. Indeed, you can re-publish old content or publish new content, but it must follow a programming and take account of the timing of the moment.

The trick is to set up a periodic program, that is, month, week or day. Then, take stock of possible events that you think will have an impact on your theme, and identify the contents that will have to be posted to stick to them. Finally, to monitor the events unpublished and sudden, by a well structured watch, and publish in time.

6. The guiding thread of all this is to know your fans – To be able to respect all these rules and put these recommendations into practice in the best way possible, it is essential to know well the target and the clients. Methodically reading their various publications as well as the setting up of one-off surveys are effective ways of achieving this.

Another way of better knowing your fans is to follow the news on Facebook pages/profiles or other social platforms on which are treated similar themes or intimately related to that of your page.

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