Facebook needs no introduction. Almost everyone everywhere is connected to Facebook. It has become a virtual country. In a recent survey, around 3.7 billion people worldwide are connected to Facebook, making it the most significant country, at least in the virtual world. It has mended boundaries, have connected lost friends and made people find their soul mates; in short, it has just changed the way we used to do things. Everything has become a search away through Facebook, making our day-to-day work a lot less physical and easier. Facebook has become an integral part of our life that a day without Facebook is unthinkable for all Facebook addicts; people share their pictures, moods, and statuses through Facebook. Not only desktops and laptops, but it has also now become almost mandatory for all mobile phones to support Facebook; otherwise, god bless their phones. Facebook has made the world a smaller place; it has made being friends a little more comfortable; it has made the selfies the latest trend. Families have become better connected through Facebook. What it has also done is that it has made businesses grow; it has made marketing a lot different; it has given the startups a platform where they can advertise their business content. It has made the brands grow more.

Businesses nowadays are hugely dependent on Facebook. They need facebook to support their content; they need positive feedback from Facebook users to enhance their business. But first of all, people must be aware of your business, and the type of business you do and Facebook have made that thing a lot easier, and it has provided a broad reach your business to grow and sustain over some time.It has also made ordinary people celebrities or social networking icons. If a person gets lots of likes on Facebook, it directly enhances business prospects. His post reaches out to a weir audience; people are aware of what he is and what he is up to. A person getting more likes on Facebook makes him more popular among his peers; it also means that other people are liking what he is doing and would like to collaborate or meet up with him. If one is getting massive likes irrespective of whether it is a personal thing or for business purposes, his chances of succeeding in what he is trying to increase rapidly. Social networking or to be precise has changed the way people used to look at the business or how to conduct their business successfully. It has opened up a new window for entrepreneurs who were unheard of probably ten years ago.
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