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A good online marketing strategy it is the key to increasing your company’s sales but this will have a greater impact when you make it through different social networks, where your primary intention is to attract potential customers, a subtle way, creating needs, sharing quality content, offering something to your followers soon will result in benefits for your business.

Every social network has a different dynamic, Twitter as we see for example that publications are generally very volatile, while Facebook can be highlighted publications and even the system recommends that sharing or news that is relevant, so we must Adapt and link marketing campaign with specific social networks .


1. The first step is to create the reputation necessary for the company to see with confidence in social networks, provide accurate, up-to-date information, would like, giving customers who know the subject and will not delay in reaching sales.

2. You must create goals to measure the impact of your business on social networks; this is done to study potential customer and their needs, at the beginning this is widely used, after that customer have to focus on maintaining quality without much analysis.

3. Study your audience and find out when your messages are most effective, so that you know what time to publish important documents for your business.

4. Keep a good communication with customers they interact on your social networks, questions that answer them, explains price, it offers new products and show them the scope of your business, Do not assume that any information about your company is not Relevant, your customers want to know everything about it before you buy or you can also capture undecided customers.


The name of your business It is more important when embarking on a new project to ensure the success of the, it calls to introduce your business for the first time you must associate all the characteristics of the business, simplify and relate to Name you have chosen, must only transmit the name is all that your business. In some cases, the name of a company related to anything not with it, but can remain engraved in your mind it did see an advertisement on the street, This is not your case, this has been done By hiring advertising and marketing experts, with a lot of research and market prospects.


If your name is short, striking, pronounceable and the label somehow the company will be impossible for a person cannot remember, this makes customers do not forget an excellent vision of the product but decided … They forgot your brand! Be able to access your website for more information easily. Many sales you make will concern how customers feel comfortable with the brand name.


• Your name must reach the goal of identifying a product and recognizing other products of the same type.

• You have to find an innovative name, which differs from the competition.

• Never choose the first that comes to mind, time leaves the idea and something better can come to your mind.

• You have your brand needs no explanation, the customer must understand, so you know you have chosen well.

Customer thinks your brand will be the business card, Dedicating a good time to think the best of your brand name, is definitely worth it.

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